Google Cardboard, Splaks 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses V2 with Sucker Head Strap Forehead Pad Nose Pad and Big Lens for Android and Apple Device Up to 6 Inch Easy Setup DIY Kit

Price: $26.99 - $12.99

Splaks Google Cardboard Virtual Reality 3D Glasses DIY Kit
Splaks Google Cardboard aims at conveying the best idea of 3D VR Technology. Note: NFC is not included in Splaks Google Cardboard!

What Virtual Reality Experience this google cardboard will offer to you ?
Do you own a smart phone, and love the latest technology and engrossing cinematic experiences, but find the small smart phone screen doesn’t quite match up?
Would you like a super immersive 3D virtual reality experience in a great value, cutting edge solution?

If so, Splaks’s Google Cardboard kit is a revolutionary product to transform the way you interact with your smart phone forever!
Using your Android or Apple smart phone, the Splaks Google Cardboard kit transforms your smart phone screen into the most engrossing, impressive virtual reality experience on the market!
The Splaks kit includes everything needed to transform your phone, including 2 biconvex lenses which offer lifelike HD images.

Rather than trying to print and construct the glasses yourself, the Kit includes precise machine cut, clearly numbered parts which allow you to assemble the glasses within minutes and minimal hassle.
Simply assemble the glasses and lenses, and using the included codes, download the VR app, providing you with a range of fantastic virtual reality experiences!

How to use it ?
Go to the Google Play store and search for “cardboard”. This is a great way for anyone with a suitably sized Smartphone to enjoy the cinematic experiences of Virtual Reality. Pre-built cardboard comes with printed numbered tabs and image instructions printed on the package itself for easy folding of Google cardboard in seconds.Compatible all the 3.5-6.0 inches smart phones. iPhone6/6s/7/Plus, Samsung note 2/4,Nexus 5/5x,Samsung S5/7, Moto G4
Comfortable design: Add the nose pad and forehead pad, so it will be more comfortable than normal other Google Cardboard. The forehead pad will keep your head away from the surface of the cardboard so that will Keep clearer in summer days (no sweat, keep the cardboard longer life)
Innovative design, insert sucker help to fixed the phone, keep better watching
New and High Quality Google Cardboard V3 Magnetic Control;
Easy setup: Includes well laid out instructions to make assembly super simple for easy, fast setup!

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