You Can Find Black Friday Deals! Movies Anywhere Review, Train Amazon Echo To Recognize Your voice

Hack Black Friday Deals, Movies Anywhere Review, Text Messages or Google Authenticator for 2FA, Train Amazon Echo!
Is That Black Friday ‘Deal’ Real???
Black Friday is TOMORROW, and Cyber Monday is coming up in just a few days. We’ve got tips! Learn how you can use CamelCamelCamel, NowInStock, Fakespot, and RetailMeNot, TheWirecutter, and Pricegrabber help you find the real deals and avoid the duds!

Movies Anywhere Review
Do you own movies on Amazon Video, Google Play, Apple iTunes or Vudu? Movies Anywhere promises to let you can watch any of those the movies anywhere. (As in iTunes on Android or Roku!) And they give you five free movies: “Ghostbusters” (2016), The Lego Movies, “Jason Bourne,” “Ice Age,” and “Big Hero 6.” Does it really work? We signed up… watch the video to find out what happened!

Train Amazon Alexa to Recognize Your Voice!
Don writes, in your review of Google’s Home, “You demonstrated how Google could tailor it response based on who asked the question. Turns out Amazon Alexa already has that, all you have to do is train you Alexa to your voice.” Can you really “Train your Amazon Echo to recognize your voice” Find out in the video!

Serious Kickstarter Success!
Craig answered our call for Kickstarter experiences… he writes, “I have been supporting creators on Kickstarter since 2010. I have contributed to 64 projects of which about 15 have produced nothing( or I don’t remember) and there are 7 recent ones, which I am still expecting results.” Craig’s got GREAT tips on how to NOT lose your money on Kickstarter in the video!

Best Two Factor Authentication
@erikbelusic tweets “@Snubs @patricknorton do you guys prefer SMS or Google Authenticator for 2FA?” Let’s talk LastPass, Authy, Duo, and Google Authenticator (full roundup in Episode 73), along with Yubikey… and check out Shannon’s 30 Day Security Challenge!
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